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Inova LED Lights are the Best!

I first saw these lights a little over two years ago.  So when we decided to expand our product line, these were the first things we thought of. High quality aluminum (XO, X5 and X1), polycarbonate (Microlights) or polymer (24/7) cases , super long lasting LED lights that last practically forever, and super bright light make these attractively designed lights a must for your shop, hunting, or for duty carry, or for anything else.  Put the microlights on all your keychains, keep an X1 or X5 in your pocket or in your purse, and one in your vehicle.  The 24/7 is a must in your vehicle, when hunting, hiking, or anywhere out of doors.  You will NOT regret it.

You can go to the Inova Factory Website here for more info!

Some Inova LED lights. Upper left are 3 colors of the 24/7 Model.  In the forefront is an XO high output spotlight, and in the middle is the X5 and next to it on the right is the smaller X1.

The US Quarter, penny, and batteries are for size references only. On the left is a AA and a 123-type Lithium battery, and on the right, in the back, a AA from Costco and a AAA from Duracell.

The picture on the left shows an XO, an X5, and an X1 from left to right, and then a microlight, with an assortment of AA, 123-type Lithium, AAA batteries and a Quarter and a Penny for size comparison.

the 24/7 Multi-purpose LED light is a great little light. Using a single 123-type Lithium battery, it will burn for 15 - 25 hours or more, depending on use.  This shows all three colors available:  OD Green, Yellow, and Gray Titanium. (photo taken with a flash)


REMEMBER:  We do not jack you around on shipping.  For small orders of Inova lights (singles to a couple of lights), we ship by the post office and charge you just what the post office charges us plus 50 cens for the packaging.  Others may (but usually do not) show a lower product price.  Once you add in their shipping and handling, we are almost always cheaper

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