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Special Order Policy:  We may require an up front, non refundable 20% deposit on special orders, at our discretion, on all Dillon, or other  products special orders.  Brownells or Midway special orders require a 100% up front payment, non refundable. Midway and Brownells special orders are not cancellable once Brownells or Midway has accepted our order, unless we are able to cancel with them.  Special orders are not returnable.

Dillon “No BS Warranty”: We support the NO BS warranty through Dillon.  All products carry their factory warranty.  We are an authorized Dillon Precision Products, Inc. dealer.  All Brownells and Midway products carry factory warranty only. We will help you the best we can to achieve your warranty with the factory. Note on Dillon products warranties: Dillon gives a 1 year warranty on electronic or electrical products or components of products.

Warranty:  All products we sell carry their factory supported warranty.  Pengar Enterprises, Inc. does not offer any warranty itself on the products sold.  All products are sold AS IS with factory warranty.  We will do our best to help you obtain factory warranty if need be, but all warranty is through the manufacturer/”factory.”

Products:  All products are new factory packed products. We do not sell used products unless specifically mentioned and agreed upon on a special basis.  All products listed for sale by us are Dillon, Midway, Brownells, or MPro7 new. “Products subject to prior sale”.  What that means, is that someone may have previously purchased the item and then returned it in new condition. This does not happen very often, and all products are only accepted for return in brand new condition.

Shipping and Handling: All non-Dillon prices do not include S&H. Handling Fees are not charged for items that are on a “FREE SHIPPING” promotion, notwithstanding anything written below.  S&H is charged as follows:

  • For orders containing Dillon Precision Products items, please see our special Dillon Pricing and Shipping Policy page for details on our FREE SHIPPING offer plus some free spiffs for large orders.\
  • Actual Shipping charges plus a handling charge.  The handling charge is a minimal charge to cover our expense of shipping items to you, including packing materials, and shipping expenses related to our shippers. Note that we tell you up front about our handling charge and don’t try to hide it.
  • For orders containing Aimpoint, ATN, or Brownells or othe rproducts not listed below, or any special orders  the  handling charge is $2 if the order is $55 or less, $3 if the order is between $55.01 and $120 and $4 for all orders between $120 and $600.. For orders over $600, the handling charge is $6. All order totals are exclusive of Dillon products.
  • For orders that contain a large percentage of Dillon Products, the Dillon Pricing and Shipment policy will be in force for the total order and non-Dillon items will just be charged the excess shipping. Ie, if non-Dillon items add 5lbs to the total package weight, the non-Dillon items will be charged the difference in cost for the exra 5lbs only, plus optionally, the applicable handling as listed here, based only on non-Dillon product totals.
  • For orders containing exclusively Inova, MPro7™ and/or ClearShield products  items, the  handling charge is $1.50 if the order is $50 or less, $2 if the order is between $50.01 and $100 and $3 for all orders over $100. (If the order includes any Aimpoint, ATN, or special orders, or Midway or Brownells or other products, the Aimpoint/ATN/etc S&H above is used instead. The MPro7 handling policy is only for orders containing exclusively MPro7 and/or ClearShield and/or Inova products)
  • We reserve the right to not charge a handling charge on any order, and on small orders that we choose to ship through the post office, that fit in a padded of bubble envelope or small mailable box, the handling will be $0.50 instead of as listed above for any product type..
  • Items listed as having a FLAT RATE shipping do not have a handling fee if ordered alone. If ordered as part of a large order, he flat rate shipping will not be in effect as the items weight will usually dictate a smaller shipping charge for their part when part of a larger order, and will count towards handling fee limits.
  • Unless you otherwise request, we ship UPS or Fedex Ground service where possible, our choice.  We will ship any way you are willing to pay for including  Postal Service, Fedex Express, etc.
  • Packages shipped through the US Postal Service, at your request, or for international shipments that by default go through the post office,  have a $1 fee per package added.  This is because we don’t go to the Post Office very often and it takes us a lot of time to go out of our way to the Post Office.  This only applies to shipments through the post office when we would by default ship through a standard carrier like Fedex or UPS and you ask us to ship through the post office.  It also applies to international shipments shipped through the post office. We reserve the right to waive this fee under certain conditions. The 1$ Post Office fee is also not charged when we ship through the post office for our convenience and not because of a customer request, and for the small bubble envelope or padded envelope type shipments that are best sent through the mails. 
  • We can give S&H estimates at time of purchase, but actual S&H will not be determined and charged until we have the actual shipping charges confirmed by the shipping company.  If we specifically agree on a S&H charge with you before this condition is met, then that is what applies instead. This must be specifically agreed to.
  • Shipping charges are generally cheaper to a commercial business address so if you can accept packages at work it will be cheaper for you!
  • International Shipping -- We are happy to ship internationally (certain products like Aimpoint and NV cannot be exported, and other items like Scopes and Optics require an export license -- a $75 red-tape fee will be charged for all export licenses we have to apply for). However, depending on what you order and how you want it shipped, we may assess additional handling charges to cover our time and cost for the additional paperwork and other effort we need to make to ship internationally.  Canada is usually no problem and there is only 1$ additional handling for some paperwork details, but others require much more effort to be able to ship.  Most countries are $3 per box for this international handling fee. Also, do not ask us to falsify any documents.  We ship all merchandise with actual prices on the invoice and not as a gift. Sorry. Purchaser is responsible for all brokerage fees, duties, tariffs, or other charges assocated with receiving a package from the US. All international shipments must conform to US export laws, so there may be some items we cannot ship internationally.
  • International Credit Card Handling Fee -- Any order paid with a credit card that is not issued by a US bank will have a 2% handling fee added, to cover the additional charges we get charged for handling international credit cards.  This is added after all applicable S&H. Ie, this fee is on the order total.  We are not making money on this.  We get charged a lot for international credit card processing.  International wire transfers do not have this extra fee.  But you must pay any and all fees that are assesed for the transfer as the final order total amount must show up in our bank before we ship.

Payment: We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  American Express use will incur a 1.25% handling fee based on the total charge, as of 12:01AM July 09, 2002. This is due to the extra high expense of processing American Express cards. Since we are a discount dealer, we can no longer afford to eat this extra cost and subsidize the American Express company and their business model. If you want your miles, points, or other AMEX benefits, you are free to use your American Expres card according to these new guidelines.  Our prices are not changing for AMEX users. A handling fee based on the total will be added. Even with this handling fee, AMEX still costs us more than Visa and Mastercard.  See above for international credit card handling fee. The AMEX handling charge was temporarily discontinued as we were put in a new special flat rate program based on our low AMEX volume, but this is now expiring...

We also accept PayPal (www.paypal.com). Our PayPal payment name is ”chad@leigh.org”. We only accept Cash payments through paypal. Credit Card and other sorts of PayPal payments will be refused.  We accept credit cards directly... You can also send cashiers bank checks or money orders or other certified funds by mail and we will ship your order after receipt of funds. We can also accept COD orders. COD orders ship through UPS or Fedex Ground and carry an $8 COD charge, per box or package. All prices are in US Dollars (USD) and all payment must be made in USD.  For Credit Card orders, you must be of legal age (18) to enter into a contract. If you are not, you may not use a credit card. If you do, your parent or guardian will be held liable for that charge.  If you are sending us funds in advance, please send to:

Pengar Enterprises, Inc.
9875 Memorial Dr
South Jordan UT  84095

Walk in: Please note that the above address is a mailing address only and does not support walk in traffic. Please do not attempt to show up there.  They will not be able to help you.

Chargebacks: You agree that you will not charge back any purchase without first working to resolve any issues with Pengar Enterprises, Inc. directly. Any charge backs will make you liable for the complete amount plus any fees or other costs that that causes us. If you ordered it, and we delivered it, you bought it. Do not be dishonest. Any chargebacks that are initiated by the customer without contacting us first and trying to work out any problems will incur a $25 fee. We rarely get a chargeback attempt (and none have ever been successful against us) but they cost us a lot of time and money to defend against and we can get fined by the credit card processing company.  All chargeback attempts against us so far have been a case where the customer did not recognize the company name on their card account monthly statement. Remember that eguns.com is run by Pengar Enterprises, Inc. and that is what will show up on your credit card statement.  And remember also, that your credit card company will consider any call by you asking about a charge as a chargeback attempt -- so if you do not recognize the company name, don’t call your credit card issuing bank and ask them about it and tell them you don’t recognize it.  Call the company and ask them about it. The phone number is usually listed by the charge in your statement.

Returns: Products may only be returned with prior approval (RMA). Special order are not returnable without special authorization. Pengar Enterprises, Inc. is not a warranty station for our product lines and all warranty is through the manufacturer.

Website, Pricing, and Typographical Errors: We reserve the right to address incorrect prices or typographical errors before order fulfillment.  Once we agree on a price with you, however, that price sticks, no matter what mistakes we might have made. Prices are based on Dillon Blue Press pricing for Dillon products, and other retail products prices for non Dillon items.  If you suspect a price is not correct, please ask.

Order Acceptance:  We reserve the right to reject any orders that, in our opinion, appear to be fraudulent or frivolous, or for any other reason.

Privacy Statement: Any information you give us, with no exceptions, will only be used to conduct the business transaction requested, and for no other purpose. We may, unless you ask us not to, contact you by email or snail mail in the future using your address, for new eguns.com news.  We will in no way share your data with any other company, entity, or person, except that we type your email address in to the shipment software, so that the shipper (UPS/Fedex etc) can send you tracking and delivery information.  They do not use your email for other purposes when entered into their system for shipment notifications. We use tough encryption techniques to protect your data and do not use internet accessible databases or data files to store your personal information.

Reloading Liability: Firearms cartridge handloading / reloading needs to be done carefully and with  knowledge. Pengar Enterprises, Inc., its officers and associates, and Dillon  Precision cannot be held liable for your efforts at handloading / reloading. To  help you learn about handloading we recommend a good set of data books (or two).

Firearms Liability:  Firearms are tools and should be treated with respect and care, and used only appropriately.  Pengar Enterprises, Inc, its offices, employees, and shareholders, explicitly disclaim any and all liability for misuse of firearms or any misuse of products purchased through Pengar Enteprises, Inc. and used with your own firearms or used in any other way.

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Firearms cartridge handloading / reloading needs to be done carefully and with knowledge. Pengar Enterprises, Inc., its officers and associates, and Dillon  Precision cannot be held liable for your efforts at handloading / reloading. To help you learn about handloading we recommend a good set of data books (or two).