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MPro7™ Gun Care Products

We now have the MPro7™ Gun Care, Cleaning, and Lubrication products available. They are on the shelves.   This is the best stuff in the world for your guns. Chosen and approved by Boeing, H&K, and many others for guns small and large. Approved for use on the Apache attack helicopters by Boeing!

Read our new Flyer/Two Page Brochure describing M-Pro 7 and why it is the best and last gnu cleaning system you will ever need. Available in a medium resolution PDF format for on-screen viewing and a high resolution PDF for printing.  The medium resolution file is about 700k and the high resolution file just under 3mb.

There are several different interesting MPro7 (formerly MP7) gun care products.  The first, and original product is the MPro7 Gun Cleaner. This is an awesome cleaner that is great for all guns. It gets rid of powder residue, fouling, and most junk that gunks up your guns. It eliminates grease and oil. It is non-toxic as well. Won’t screw up your health.  Great for ultrasonic parts cleaners. “Originally developed to clean the $28 million dollar F-16 for the US Air Force, MPro7 Gun Cleaner’s special blend of chelating agents, corrosion inhibitors, and surfacants in a non-toxic solvent base are actually able to safely penetate into the pores of metal.  This is the most safe and effective way to clean carbon, oil, and grease available in the world. The cleaning result is a bare metal surface that is completely devoid of all contaminants.” A related product is the MPro7 Bore Gel.  Basically a gel version of the gun cleaner. I have used the cleaner for years and it is my number one cleaning agent.  (McMillan Brothers AKA McBros include MPro7 Gun Cleaner in their custom 50 BMG rifle care kits!)

The MPro7 folks also have an awesome gun lubricant.  MPro7 Ultimate Gun Lubricant is a “low viscosity, friction displacement oil specifically designed to take advantage of, maintain, and lubricate a molecularly clean surface.  This oil actually moves dirt and contaminants away from moving parts creating much less friction and significantly reducing wear. MPro7 Lubrication is significantly slicker than Teflon® based products.  Rated at -40 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit, MPro7 Lubrication will exceed every expectation.”


We have the new M Pro-7 Copper Remover in stock. Up to 4x faster than ammonia based cleaners. Improves accuracy and reliability.  Dissolves all copper fouling. COnditions to reduce future fouling. Safe on bore steel (for use inside the bore only). Ammonia and odor free.

MPro7 Competition Grade Cleaning Patches round out the products we carry. The Competition patches are “medical grade cotton twill, and will not deposit lint, tear, or scratch thebore. They differ from any other patch because they are treated with an advanced dry cleaning agent to trap and remove fouling, even in the rifling. These patches are so strong an efficient, thatup to 75% less patches are used during cleaning.”

“All MPro7 products are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and Earth friendly.”

These are the products in stock now!   Certain products are no longer being carried by the MPro7 people, and so when we run out, they will no longer be available.  This includes the Black Powder and Corrosive cleaner and the Cellulose Shotgun Patches. Items marked with a ** and listed in red are at 2002 prices still + extra discount, and are first come first served until they are gone.  All other products are at the new 2005 pricing and will continue to be available and restocked. MPro7 products are just the best gun care products out there...

  • 4oz Spray Bottle MPro7 Gun Cleaner -- only $8.46 (retail $8.91)
  • 8oz Spray Bottle MPro7 Gun Cleaner -- only $13.96 (retail $14.69)
  • 32oz Spray Bottle MPro7 Gun Cleaner -- only $29.92 (retail $31.49)
  • Gallon Bottle MPro7 Gun Cleaner -- only $69.86 (retail $73.49)
  • 1oz MPro7 CLP Total Systems Product all-in-one cleaner and lubricant -- only $5.61 (retail $5.90)
  • 4oz MPro7 CLP Total Systems Product all-in-one cleaner and lubricant -- only $13.26 (retail $13.96)
  • 32oz MPro7 CLP Total Systems Product all-in-one cleaner and lubricant -- only $30.63 (retail $32.24)
  • Gallon Bottle MPro7 CLP Total Systems Product all-in-one cleaner and lubricant -- only $112.33 (retail $118.24)
  • 4oz MPro7 Bore Cleaning Gel  --  only $9.97   (retail $10.49)
  • 4oz M Pro-7 Copper Remover -- only $8.40 (retail $8.84)
  • 1oz MPro7 Ultimate Gun Lubrication oil -- only $3.56 (retail  3.75)
  • 2oz MPro7 Ultimate Gun Lubrication oil -- only $6.12 (retail $6.44)
  • 4oz MPro7 Ultimate Gun Lubrication oil -- only $10.20 (retail $10.74)
  • 1 1/8” Round Competition Grade Twill Patch (.17-.25) -- 1000 count --  only $9.66 (retail  $9.96)
  • 2” Square Competition Grade Twill Patch  (.25-.40) -- 1000 count --  only $23.31 (retail  $24.03)
  • 2 1/2” Square Competition Grade Twill Patch Handgun (.35-.45) -- 1000 count -- only $30.53 (retail  $31.47)
  • 2 1/2” Square Competition Grade Twill Patch Handgun (.35-.45) -- 50 count -- only $3.17 (retail $3.34)
  • 3” Square Competition Grade Twill Patch (.41-.50) -- 500 count -- only $22.47 (retail $23.16)
  • Assorted Patches -- 200 Count -- 50 each 1 1/8”, 2”, 2 1/2”, 3” sizes -- only $7.94 (retail $8.36)
  • Essential Cleaning Kit (no rod) (see below for contents) -- only $25.52 (retail $26.86)  (in stock)
  • Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit (see below for contents) -- only $59.84 (retail $62.99) (in stock)

Other items that we are not initially stocking: 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon Drum of the MPro7 Gun Cleaner and CLP, 1 Gallon MPro7 Bore Cleaning Gel,   1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon Ultimate Gun Lubrication oil..  We are happy to special the larger (5 gallon or greater) sizes of the Gun Cleaners and Oils. Smaller size requests are taken for consideration for future stocking.

The Essential Gun Cleaning Kit contains: 4oz MPro7 Gun Cleaner, 4oz MPro7 CLP, 50 all purpose MPro7 Gun Cleaning Patches (2 1/2” Square Twill), 3 assorted bore brushes, 1 gun cloth, 1 gun pad, hard plastic carrying case, guide

The Deluxe Gun Cleaning kit contains 1 8oz MPro7 Gun Cleaner, 1 4oz MPro7 Bore Gel, 1 4oz MPro7 Ultimate Gun Lubrication, 1 Handgun and Long-gun multi-section cleaning rod, 200 assorted MPro7 Competition rade Cotton Twill cleaning patches, 8pg MPro7 Essential Gun Cleaning Guide, 1 Infantry Dual Brush, 2 Gun Cloths, 1 Gun Pad, 5 assorted bore Brushes. Nice hard plastic carrying case.   A $75 value it sells for $55.43 (retail $62.99).

Hoppes Bore Snakes

We now have Hoppes Bore Snakes for cleaning your guns.

We have the various pistol calibers, .22 rifle (for .223 etc) and 30 Cal rifle, and 12 ga shotgun right now. More calibers in the future.

Pistol ones are $15.00

Rifle ones are $15.50

Shotgun ones are $15.75

Non M-Pro 7 Cleaning Kits and Jag Kits

These are not M-Pro 7 brand. They do not include gun cleaner, but include rods, brushes, mops, rods, etc.

  • 76 Piece kit -- $19.00 ($25.00)
  • 66 Piece kit -- $14.25 ($21.00)
  • 13 Piece Bas Jag Kit -- $12.99 ($14.95)

The 76 Piece Kit for $19.00 includes the following, in a wooden box:  3pc rifle/pistol rod, 3pc shotgnu rod, universal handle, 3 adapters, 10 cleaning brushes for 12ga, 20ga, 410, 17, 22, 270, 30, 9/38, 40, 45, 5 mops for 12ga, 20ga, 410, 9, 22, 2 plastic slotted tips, and 50 3x3 cleaning patches.

The 66 Piece kit for $14.25 includes the following, in a wooden box:  3 brass rods, universal handle, 5 cleaning brushes to fit 12ga, 20ga, 22, 30, 40, 2 plastic slotted tips, 1 polishing cloth, 50 3x3 cleaning patches.

The 13 piece Brass Jag set for $12.99 includes the following: 17, 22, 6, 6.5, 9, 30, 33, 270, 375, 40, 44, 45 in 8/32 thread and 50 cal in 10/32 thread

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