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  • RL550B Press. Factory fresh RL550B presses in your choice of caliber.  This is the best all around press in the world and our most popular sale.  We try and keep the 550 presses in stock. Occasionally, we sell too many at once and they are out of stock a few days. We try and keep the common pistol calibers (.45ACP, .45LC, .44 Magnum/Special, .38/.357, .40S&W/10mm, 9mm, and 380ACP) and .223 and .308 rifle calibers in stock. Also 30-30 and 22-250. Sometimes we have others in stock, like 6.5x55, 7.62x39, .303, etc. If we donít have it in stock, we are more than happy to special order it for you.    We charge you with FREE SHIPPING. Includes a caliber conversion kit. Exotic calibers more
  • XL650 PressThis is the ultimate press for the someone who shoots a whole lot or who wants the Porsche 911 of reloading presses. Stocked in 45ACP, 48/357, and 9mm/38 Super.  Others are  usually a special order item since it comes factory set for each caliber and we would have to stock each caliber machine separately, which is too expensive.  Our price is with FREE SHIPPING.  (Some calibers like .45/70 and 7.62x54R and exotics are priced higher.)
  • XL650 Casefeeder.  No 650 is complete without a casefeeder!  Our price is plus S&H. (Euro 220V Case Feeder is more)  Additional casefeed plates prices:  . Our price: plus S&H. (Magnum Rifle plate is )
  • SL900 Shotshell Press. The absolute best shotshell reloader there is.  The Cadillac and Porsche rolled into one.  Available in 12ga, 20 ga, and 28ga. European 220V also available.  This includes everything including hull (case) feeder, shot hopper, powder measure, everything.  Our pric, with case feeder, is . with FREE SHIPPING...  The 12 ga machine is stocked. Others can be special ordered.
  • Dillon Standard Dies Sets.  The best dies around! All are 3 die sets.  Dillon pistol dies include Carbide sizer and can be disassembled and cleaned without losing your settings.  Rifle dies are top notch and the depriming assembly in the sizer die can function as a stuck case remover if a case gets stuck in the die.  We try and keep the common pistol and rifle calibers in stock (see 550 press caliber listings) and can order any others.  Our price is .. (.357 SIG is priced at , and 9x25 Dillon is priced at ) Carbide rifle dies are also available for .223 and .308. (They still require case lube).  .223 Carbide rifle dies and 308 Win carbide rifle dies are priced at .   Individual sizing, crimping, seating, and sizing/depriming dies are also available. Normal stocked die sets: (32, 380, 9mm, 38/357, 40, 41 Mag, 45LC, 45ACP, 44, 223, , 30-30, 308, 3006,  270 Win). Also Redding 243 and 22-250 die sets are stocked for , as are the Redding Competition Seating Die (micrometer seating die) for 308 and 223 -- only
  • Press Conversion Kits.  Add new calibers to your Dillon reloading press.  We stock RL550B conversion kits in popular calibers and can order any others. Most XL650 and SL900 conversion kits are special orders.  We occasionally have an XL650 conversion kit in stock.  RL550B conversion kits are priced  at . XL650 conversion kits are priced at .  The SL900 conversions to 20 or 28 gauge are priced at  .  You also need a 20/28ga casefeed plate which is priced at .
  • More Dillon Products

We also stock or can order any other Dillon products.  We stock most RL550B accessories, many general reloading accessories, and can order XL650, AT500, RL 1050, and other accessories. More Dillon products and prices are listed here.

Dillon Pricing and Shipping policy: click here for details on FREE SHIPPING for all orders for Dillon products over $320.01 and flat rate shipping for smaller Dillon orders.  We abide by Dillonís internet pricing and selling policy.  Also, get FREE STUFF with Dillon orders over $400.01

Get Help With Your Dillon Press -- Dillon has a help website with online manuals, schematics, caliber conversion charts, etc.  Check it out!

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