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We stock the XL650 press in 45ACP, 38spl/357Mag, and 9mm/38 Super.  All other calibers are currently special order items. We can get other caliber XL650s  in stock in 4-8 calendar days (or fewer), in most cases. See the Terms and Conditions page.

Press includes one caliber conversion, automatic powder measure, toolhead, powder die, small and large automatic priming system. Case Feeder, as shown, is not included in the base price but is an option.

*.45-70 and 7.62x54R and other ‘exotic’ calibers are more

For available calibers, please see the XL650 Caliber Conversion Kit page.  Ask about other calibers not listed -- Dillon adds new calibers somewhat regularly.

The XL 650 is auto-indexing (automatically moves everything to the next station with a stroke of the handle) while the RL550B is manual-indexing (requires the operator to manually move everything to the next station after a stroke of the handle).

Buy the Video!

The XL650 video shows you how to set up and use your XL650.  Our price $5.95

The XL650 is the Porsche 911 and Cadillac of progresive presses rolled into one.  An XL650 with electric casefeeder is every shooter’s dream.

What does Dillon say about the XL650 in the Blue Press?

  • Automatic Indexing
  • Five Station Interchangeable Toolhead
  • Auto Powder/Priming Systems
  • Uses Standard  7/8” x 14 Dies
  • Loading Rate: 800-1000 Rounds/Hour
  • Lifetime “No-BS” Warranty

“We’ve been listening to customers express their fondest wishes for years and the XL 650 is the result  We’ve taken every good idea we or our customers have ever had, tested them extensively, and then incorporated them into the design of the XL 650.

(Dillon Blue Press continued) “Versatility was a design objective, so the XL 650 lets the user load virtually every popular pistol and rifle cartridge utilizing standard dies.

“The optional powder charge check die on the third station sounds an alarm if the powder charge in a round is out of limits either high or low.

“An exclusive primer system design uses a rotary indexing plate that positively controls each primer and keeps a steel shield between the primers and the operator at all times.”

Eguns.com: We love the XL650! For large volume reloading, versatility and ease of use, this is the one to own. If you shoot a lot, or have money to burn, buy a 650! In our not-so-humble opinion, you need the electric casefeeder option to make the XL650 shine.  So buy it together, or save your pennies and get the casefeeder as soon as you can. If you don’t think you need a casefeeder, maybe the RL550B is the press for you. XL650 presses cost more to expand and convert to new calibers, so make sure it fits your needs.

Common accessories and upgrades:

  • Electric Casefeeder: , (Euro 220V more)
  • XL650 Caliber Conversion Kit -- or Click here for our new website XL 650 Caliber Conversion Kits
  • Powdercheck System: / 3 or more each
  • Low Powder Sensor:
  • Strong Mount
    • 550/650 -- taller version:
    • 650 only -- shorter version:
  • Spare Parts Kit:
  • Case Feed Plates -- specify large rifle, small rifle, large pistol, small pistol -- (Magnum Rifle plate is )
  • Roller Handler
    • Plastic Grip:
    • Aluminum Grip:
  • Toolhead / 3 or more for each
  • Powder Die / 3 or more each
  • Deluxe Quick Change Kit --
  • Toolhead Stand --
  • Aluminum Bullet Tray --
  • Primer Flip Tray --
  • Machine Maintenance Kit with Spare Parts Kit --
  • XL 650 Machine Cover --
  • Extra Primer Pickup Tubes -- 4pack Small or Large or Mixed 2/2 --
  • Dillon Standard Dies Sets.  The best dies around! All are 3 die sets.  Dillon pistol dies include Carbide sizer and can be disassembled and cleaned without losing your settings.  Rifle dies are top notch and the depriming assembly in the sizer die can function as a stuck case remover if a case gets stuck in the die.  We try and keep the common pistol and rifle calibers in stock (see 550 press caliber listings) and can order any others.  Our price is . (.357 SIG, and .400 Corbon are priced at , and 9x25 Dillon is priced at ) Carbide rifle dies are also available for .223 and .308. (They still require case lube).  .223 Carbide rifle dies and 308 Win carbide rifle dies are priced at .   Individual sizing, crimping, seating, and sizing/depriming dies are also available. Normal stocked die sets: (32, 380, 9mm, 38/357, 40, 41 Mag, 45LC, 45ACP, 44, 223, , 30-30, 308, 3006,  270 Win). Also Redding 243 and 22-250 die sets are stocked for , as are the Redding Competition Seating Die (micrometer seating die) for 308 and 223 -- only

Free Shipping and Free Stuff with Dillon Orders over certain sizes!!!! $320.01 or larger for free sipping and $400.01 or larger for FREE STUFF!

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