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Your home for Dillon Precision Products, Aimpoint,  MPro7, CED, Inova, others!

Pengar Enterprises, Inc, AKA “The Electronic GunShop” is your premier online and UT local dealer for the best reloading equipment in the world -- Dillon Precision Products stuff, and for the premier Gun Care Products from the MPro7 folks! We are not an FFL dealer and do not deal in firearms.  We deal in Dillon Precision,  Aimpoint, Inova, MPro7, Brownells, and other reloading and firearms safety and care related products only. A Dillon Reloader is simply the best. We have Dillon Reloaders!!

Why Buy From

We give you the time and support you need. We’ll talk on the phone, by email, or whatever, with you, to help you make the best decisions you can about reloading and what you need or don’t need. We won’t try to sell you things you don’t need or want.. And we have great prices!. Also, think about MPro7, ammo boxes, and other small items you might need.... You can’t go wrong with MPro7.

Aimpoint Comp ML2 & M2 & M3/ML3 Rifle Reflex Sites and Aimpoint 3X Mag Are In

We now have the Aimpoint ML2 and M2 and the 4MOA M3 and 2moa and 4moa ML3 in stock. This is an awesome rifle reflex sight -- used by the US Military.  We stock the ML2 and M2 and can get others on special order for now. ML2 is $379.80 (retail $422)

Looking for Awesome Stuff? Try MPro7 Products and Ammo Boxes and Inova LED!.

Dillon HP1 Electronic Ears

These are great, true stereophonic ear protection.  Uses AAA batteries in each ear, with external access to the battery compartment. NRR 21. $135. Blue or Black.   See our Eyes and Ears page for more info on this and other Ear and Eye protection. Normally stocked. Shipped Free in lower 48 US states

Dillon HP2 Headset

This is Dillon’s non-electronic headset for your ear protection. NRR21. $19.95   Blue or Black (See Eyes and Ears page for more)

Dillon Range Bag

This is a super high quality, deluxe range bag.   Makes a great gift item!  Only Black is available now and is usually in stock. $69.95.  See our Bags page for more info.

Dillon Border Shift Ammo Bag

What a great gift item.  Something for that person who has everything!  A place to put your loaded ammo, and then your empties as you shoot.  A nice little high quality bag.  Dillon currently offers these in Black..  $25.95

Dillon Precision products at Discount.

Pengar Enterprises, Inc. brings you Dillon Precision Products at a discount.  We are an authorized Dillon dealer.  We want to serve you! We stock RL550B presses and accessories, other Dillon items like dies, strong mounts, range bags, etc., and can special order those things we don’t stock.

Some examples:

  • Dillon RL550B press and one conversion kit.   see new for price. Free Shipping!. A great deal on the best all around progressive reloading press in existence -- the Dillon 550.
  • Dillon XL650 press in your choice of caliber: see new for price. Free Shipping.  (some calibers like .45-70 and 7.62x54R higher) (most calibers on the XL650 special order items - we stock 45ACP, 38/357 and 9mm) Dillon 650 is a great press!
  • Dillon Standard Die Sets in all calibers Dillon makes:   $55.95.  (Carbide rifle die sets, and specialty pistol die sets, ie, .357 Sig and others, are higher)

Click here for Dillon Precision Products.

MPro7 Products are Here!

We are now a stocking dealer for MPro7 products, the best gun care products available on the market.  We stock some of their large assortment of products and will increase our assortment as time goes by!  Get some MPro7 Products with your Dillon order today!

Triple Break Products
AR15 Guns & Parts, Olympic Arms Stuff, Etc.

If you are looking for AR15 parts, Olympic Arms guns, ammo, or anything else of that sort, check out New Hampshire local Triple Break Products.  They are well recommended.

For Our Canadian Friends

While we are happy to help you, you might find it much easier to visit The Reloader’s Bench of Ontario. They are a full-line Dillon Dealer offering good deals in Canada.

Hosted by Shire.Net LLC.  For email accounts and services, web hosting, or whatever your needs, please see Shire.Net. Their personal service and great site performance are the best.

To stay up to date with specials, new items, and events, read the News section regularly (last updated November 26,  2005 at 13:20  MST)


New Store and Website

The new website and store is open.  Please Click Here To Get To It

Dillon Calendars 2006 In Stock

We have the Dillon 2006 calendars in stock. We have the Dillon Precision 2006 calendar ($9.95), the Dillon Aero 2006 Calendar ($9.95) and the 2-calendar set which contains one of each ($14.95).

Hoppes Elite

We also have the new Hoppes Elite gun care products. These are made by the same folks who make M-Pro7 and are based on the same technology, but with different formulations.  The Hoppes Elite is geared more towards carbon cutting and the M-Pro 7 towards conditioning.  Both are excelent cleaners and conditioners, but the formulations are slightly different as noted.

New M-Pro 7 Copper Cutter

New M Pro-7 copper cutter.  Works better than almost anything out there and contains no ammonia...   Odorless. Safe on Bore Steel.  Limited availability but we have a case of the 4oz bottles! MSRP $8.84 for 4oz. Our price $8.40.

Do Your Holiday Shopping Now

We will be shipping up to the last possible moment for the holdiays. But avoid the rush and get your holiday shopping done now.  We have lots of stock and are constantly getting new stuff in.

Leatherman In!

We have  a complete assortment of almost all Leatherman tools in stock available at the lowest allowed prices. 

Hoppes Bore Snake and DAC Cleaning Gear Promotions

Both of these promotions run through the end of Thanksgiving Weekend.

Hoppes Bore Snake: Take $1.25 off each Hoppes Bore Snake with an overall purchase of $30 or more.

DAC Cleaning gear.  Take 10% off all DAC cleaning gear with an overall purchase of $25 or more.

Streamlight, Leatherman, Wenger

We now are carrying a few Streamlight models of flashlights. We have the Scorpion, TL-2, TL-3, and NightFighter 2 tactical models and the UltraStinger (AC only or AC and DC).  We also are now carrying Leatherman products.  We also have some Wenger Swiss Army Knife pocket knives  in stock at a good price. wenger Backpacker $18.00 (retail $24.95) and Wenger Teton $21.00 (retail $39.95). The Ask about any of the above as I do not have theor product pages up yet.

Hoppes Elite is In

We now have a few sizes of Hoppes Elite gun cleaner and Hopes Elite Field Cleaner (CLP). Based on the same technology as M-Pro7, this is great stuff. We have 2oz, 4oz, and Gallons of the Gun Cleaner and 2 oz Field Cleaner (CLP).

Aimpoint CompM3 2MOA and 4MOA and CompML3 4MOA and 2MOA Now In Stock

We now have the Comp M3 2moa 4moa and the Comp ML3 2moa and 4moa sights in stock and ready to ship.  We also have the CompM2 and CompML2 and the Aimpoint 3X Magnifer in stock.

Spencers Camo Clothing for Infants and Toddlers

This stuff is really fun.  I first found it at Wal-Mart when my son was an infant, and have not seen it there since despite looking for the last 20 months.  I found the manufacturer at the 2005 SHOT Show in Las Vegas and knew I had to carry this product! Great fun for kids AND Dads.

Spencers Camo for Kids.

Wheeler 89-Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

The Wheel Engineering 89 piece gunsmith screwdriver kit (includes specialty bits for certain sorts of firearms as well as a huge selection of general purpose bits, 2 handles, case). In Stock.  Regular Price $99.  Our Price $85.00.

Aimpoint Comp ML3 2MOA Now In Stock

The Comp ML3 2MOA arrived today.  $427 with free shipping. We have the Comp M3 2MOA ($476), The Comp ML3 2MOA ($427), the Comp M2 ($419) and the Comp ML2 ($376) all in stock at this moment.

EO Tech Now In Stock

We have the EO Tech 552 (AA Battery) military model and the 512 (AA battery) Tactical model in stock ready for immediate shipment. The 552 Miltary model is $399 . The 512 Tactical model is $332.  All with FREE SHIPPING on sights and accessories (for free shipping order must include a sight and extra non sihgt and non sight accessory items will still have shipping added).

The major difference between the 552 and the 512 is that the 552 is NV (night vision) compatible as well... 

New CED Stuff In Stock

We have the following stuff now in stock from CED:

  • CED Pocket Scale -- $119.00 (with $1.50 shipping instant rebate)
  • CED Millenium Chronograph -- $179 (with $9.50 instant rebate on shipping)
  • CED Range Bags in all 4 colors (Black, Blue, Green, Red) -- $69.95 (with $2 instant rebateon shipping)
  • CED Rifle Mat in Khaki and Woodland Camo -- $59.95.  Very similar to the Dillon Rifle mat.
  • CED 8000 Shot Timer -- $149.00 ($2 instant shipping rebate)
  • some accessories for the CED Millenium Chronograph

SuperKnife Now in Stock

We now have the SuperKnife in stock in the silver aluminum, a reddish color and a light purplish color.  The SuperKnife is a folder that takes standard single edge razor blades for its blade.  Great as a tool for around the office, around the house, etc. Opens packages and boxes with easy and does not dull your expensive folder knife.

New lower price: $12.50 (retail $14.95)

Aimpoint CompM3 2MOA Variant In Stock

We have a few of the Aimpoint CompM3 2MOA sights in stock. We got a large shipment in, fulfilled all outstanding back orders, and have a few left for sale.  First Come First Served. We also have the CompM2 and ML2 in stock. Remember, Aimpoint orders for an Aimpoint sight with a selling price over $300 qualifies for free shipping! (Aimpoint sight and all aimpoint accessories only -- non Aimpoint and Aimpoint related stuff ordered at the same time will be shipped according to our standard shipping policies (see the T&Cs). Free shipping offer applies to retail sales only.  LE/Government sales not included.

Inova T4 Tactical LED Rechargable 4 Watt Flashlight In Stock -- $89.95 special price

Besides the T1, T2, and T3 Lithium cell tactical lights, we now have the T4 Lithium Ion Rechargable Tactical lihgt from Inova. 4 Watt LED -- 100 lumen equivalence. Limited Time special offer -- $89.95

Sordin High End Hearing Protection Here Now

Sordin high-end headsets and hearing protectors are available now in limited quantities, and should be in better supply soon.  Sordin, from Sweden, are the ones the US Military uses and were specifically designed to meet (and are the only ones that do) rigid mil specs. Much betterthan Peltor. Go look in the online forums where they talk about hearing protectors. Hand down the best.  The base model, on which the military ones are based, are affordable civilian hearing protectors. We have both the LE/Mil versions and the civilian and instructor/trainer versions available. we will also accept LE and Military bid requests. For more info CLICK HERE

The Supreme Pro, with 600 hour battry life, battery saver, 3.5mm input jack, etc (the one that is the base of the military one) is $244.84 plus $6 flat rate ground shipping in the lower 48.

The Supreme Basic, with 150 hour battery life and no input jack in the same physical headset is $199.18 plus $6 flat rate ground shipping in the lower 48.

The Civilian Cutoff Pro with 1000 hour battery life and 3.5mm input jack is $224.20 plus $6 flat rate ground shipping in the lower 48.

Butler Creek Steel Lips 10/22 25 Rnd Magazines Now In Stock

Not only do we have the Hot Lips, but we now have the Steel Lips in the smoke colored 25 rnd model for $27.75. More info.

AR15/M16 MagPul 3-Packs

We have the MagPul black rubber magazine removal devices available in 3-packs for $9.85 each.  In Stock

New Production 20 and 30 Rnd AR15/M16 Magazines -- $16.89 for a limited time

Manufactured by/for Brownells, these are some of the best new manufacture AR/M16 mags out there.  The 20 and 30 round versions are MIL-STD bodies and followers (yes, the 20 rd ones use the same follower -- the mag body is slightly longer and has a slight curve to it to accomodate) and either Chrome Silicon or MIL-STD Stainless Steel springs. Here is more detail...

New Items in Stock -- Vibra Prime Tube Filler; Butler Creek 10/22 Mags and Mag Loaders; New Gun Cleaning Kits

We now have the Frankford Arsenal Vibra Primer primer tube filler and adapters in stock, Butler Creek 25 Round Hot Lips magazines for the 10/22 and Hot Lips magazine loaders; and DAC gun cleaning kits and Hoppes Bore Snakes

Energizer EL123 Batteries In Stock Again

Energizer 123 type batteries are in stock again. These are 1500mzh and are stamped 2014.  We also have Sanyo 1400 mah batteries in stock.  The Sanyos are cheaper per mah too.

Free Shipping and Free Stuff on Dillon Orders over Certain Sizes and Free Shipping on Aimpoint Orders for Certain Sights

As part of our changing pricing to adhere to Dillon’s new internet policies we are offering Free Shipping on orders for Dillon items over $320.01 and some free spiffs in addition if the Dillon order is $400.01 or more...  Read below and here for details... (If you find other dealers with less than Dillon retail pricing let us know -- they are breaking their agreements)

Aimpoint orders for sights with a selling price over $300 will ship for Free by ground and for a flat $5 for Aimpoint orders with an Aimpoint sight with a selling price under $300.  Orders for just Aimpoint accessories and mounts will be charged shipping as standard.

Dillon Internet Pricing Policy Now In Effect

We are now in compliance with a new Dillon internet dealer policy. This change is due to requirements that Dillon has set, not of our own choosing. This means that we are  advertising and selling Dillon Precision Products stuff at the Dillon retail. However, lower 48 US orders have free shipping on Dillon Products sales over $300 and low flate rate under $300. (up to $200 in Dillon Products is $6 S&H and $200.01 to $300 is $5 S&H -- in both cases, if actual shipping plus $0.50  is lower then you will pay the lower amount of actual shipping plus $0.50 -- for example, a single conversion kit sent by mail will be less than the flat rate).  In addition, sales over $400 of Dillon Precision Equipment can also choose 1 or more free items from a list available here -- depending on total order size.  Full details are here.  We will still be the best deal for Dillon.  Alaska, Hawaii and Intrenational sales will get credit towards their shipping on Dillon sales over $300 as well.  APO/FPO addresses use parcel post. Priority Mail to APO/FPO at aditional charge.  For complete details, see here.  Shipping and Handling as listed here applies only to Dillon items.  If you order a mixed set of Dillon and non Dillon items, S&H as outlined on the T&C page will be figured for the non Dillon items as if they were separately ordered, and the Dillon ones will be charged as listed here. All quotes at older pricing will be good through the end of April and orders taken before we went live with the new policy will be at the older posted discounted prices.  This new policy is coming from Dillon and so we really have no choice but to live by it and offer alternatives to discounted pricing in order to bring you value.  For example, the free shipping and stuff like that.

Radians Eye Protction (Safety Glases) Now Available

We have a large assortment of Radians eye protection (protective glasses) in stock from the Revelation, Illusion, Cobalt, and Tac Pro lines. In stock now.

Illusion -- $11.00
Cobalt -- $10.00
Revelation -- $12.00
Tac Pro -- $19.99

Hoppes Bore Snakes

We now sell the Hoppes Bore Snake. This is a really cool cleaning gadget.  Basically a really big flexible “fuzzy rope” with a brass brush embedded at the end. Just pull it through your gun.  Works great with MPro-7.  The pistol caliber ones are $15 and the rifle caliber ones are $15.50 and the shotgun ones are $15.75. We currently have 9/357, 40, 44/45, 22 rifle, 30 rifle, .17rifle, .243 rifle, .70 rifle, .338 rifle, .50/54 rifle and probably a few I have forgotten and 12ga in stock. More coming. Ask if you need something else. (And I may have forgotten one or two calibers :-)

Aimpoint CompM3 and CompML3 and 3X Magnifier Now In Stock

We have received limited quantities of the CompM3 and ML3 4MOA sights and the Aimpoint 3X Magnifier. The 2MOA sights are still on order and right now the quantities are limited and are on a first come first served basis.  We also have the CompM2 and CompML2 in stock. See our Aimpoint page. (update 03/08/05 -- The M3 is sold out but omre are on order -- the ML3 and 3x Magnifier are still in stock but in very limited quantities)

New Dillon Precision Internet Dealer Pricing Policy

Dillon has sent a letter to all dealers with a new policy on internet sales.  All internet sales must be “advertised and sold” at advertised Dillon retail prices. In the next few weeks you will see us (and other dealers) update their prices to come into compliance.  With our committment to offering the best value and good deals on Dillon Precision products stuff, we will be updating our site to comply with the policy, but we will offer incentives or other special deals to go along with it. Stay tuned as we figure out how this is going to work.  For now, our pricing remains discounted while we figure things out and get our site updated etc.

Aimpoint and ARMS Stuff In Stock

Though we were not completely out, we just got a new shipment of CompM2 and CompML2 AIMPOINT sights, a couple of the ARMS quick release mounts, and the new ARMS cantilever spacer which will move the sight forward some so to leave room, for example, for a nightvision or 3x magnifier. We also got the 3X Magnifier Twist Off mounts but not yet the 3X Magnifiers themselves. we also have some new rubber lens covers for the M2 and ML2 that are mounted using the QRP (rubber bikini style that attaches to the mounnt) ( $10 our price -- $11 MSRP)

Ammo Box Price Increase in 2005

Our supplier of the plastic Ammo Boxes we sell has raised their prices moderately for 2005.  New prices are listed on the “Reloading Stuff” page.

SHOT Show was Great -- Expect some new products in the next 6 months

Dillon was showing a Case Feed system for the RL550B!!! Expect it to be ready for retail in about 6-8 months.  It is more complicated than the XL650 Case Feed (same hopper but you need more than that) so expect a retail in the $225-$250 range. Dillon also was showing a tool holder for the presses that holds a bunch of allen wrenches and a bench wrench. Attaches to the back of the press.

We are also exploring many other new products that we saw...

AIMPOINT Raises Prices in 2005 and new Comp M3 and ML3, 9000, and new 3x Magnifier

Aimpoint raised prices on January 1, 2005. For some reason, I did not get notified, but I did get the new price list and details on the new Comp M3 and ML3 and the new 3x Magnifier. See the AIMPOINT section for more details.

Also, if you find AIMPOINT online for less than we are advertising it, please let us know, as those dealers are breaking their contracts with AIMPOINT.

Gift Certificates Available

Gift Certificates to are available and make good gift ideas; especialy at the last minute. Available in any amount from $1 and higher.

New Military Theme Toys for Christmas -- 1/24 Scale Airsoft “Tokyo Marui” Quality Abrams RC Tank, 1/72nd Scale Pocket RC Tiger and Abrams Tanks, and 12” Dragon Action Figures

We have the 1/24th Scale Abrams RC Tank that shoots the airsoft plastic BBs for $113.00. This is real “Tokyo Marui” quality, with individually suspended wheels and track, etc.  Much cheaper than other places on the internet, and not a cheapo Chinese knowck-off.  Pictures later today.

We also have Dragon Models “Pocket RC” line of Scale RC Tanks in 1/72nd Scale.  We have several different Tiger tanks and the Abrams.  Tigers are $46 and the Abrams $45.  Pictures later today.

And we also have some of the Dragon 12” 1/6 Scale realistic action figures.  We have a 2-man 50 BMG squad from the 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad, another US trooper and a British trooper from Iraq, and a German MG42 machinegunner from ww2.   These are reaslistic, very detailed, and authentically dressed and equipped.  These are not your kids GI Joes. Pics and prices later today bu in general 10% off list.

New Inova T-Series Tactical Lights in Stock -- T1, T2, T3

We now have the new T1, T2, and T3 tactical LED lights in stock.  T1 is $37.95, T2 is $47.95, and T3 is 58.95. New pages for them coming soon.

Inova Section Update and new GG&G Tactical Impact Device for Inova X5

We have added a bunch of pictures to the Inova section and also have added the GG&G TID (Tactical impact Device) for the Inova X5 -- a non lethal weapon attachment...

C123A Type Batteries from Sanyo and Energizer now in stock and cheaper

We are now carrying the 123-type Lithium Photo Batteries from Sanyo and Energizer, and at cheaper prices than the previous SureFire brand 123 batteries...  Stock up now!

Aimpoint Section Updated with Mount Pics

We have updated our Aimpoint section with pictures of the 3 mounts we carry as well as the KillFlash device.

New Inova Products In Stock

We now have the 24/7 in all THREE colors, Yellow, Olive Green, and Gray Titanium, in all THREE variants -- lanyard only, headband only, or complete kit with lanyard, headband, magnetic mount, and fixed mount. See our Inova 24/7 pages for more details.  We also have the X1 in UV (Ultra Violet).

Redding Competition Seating Die 223 and 308 In Stock

$68 even.  In Stock.   Redding Competition Seating Die in 223 or 308.

New Lower Inova Prices

Check out our Inova pages for new lower prices and new products from Inova, the best LED lights there are, including the new XO super bright “spotlight” flashlight and new 24/7 configurations.

New Plastic Ammo Box size

Some new ammo boxes arrived.  44 Mag 50 round blue, 357 Mag/38 Special 50 round blue, and 367 Mag/38 Special 100 round blue, as well as 223 100 round in smoke or clear.

Send Care Packages to the Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

We will be sending care packages to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have an outlet in Afghanistan and will be getting one in Iraq.  100% of all cash donations and 97.5% of all credit card donations (ie, we have to pay the credit card fee still) will go towards purchasing items and sending the care packages. We will send Inova Flashlights (purchased at our wholesale cost plus 1 cent), MPro-7 gun cleaner and CLP, and various toiletries and items and send the packages.  You can donate by calling us at 888 534 9585 or by using the online order form and writing in the amount of your donation in the order area.  If you want to send a check you can send one. Email us at and we can tell you the mail address... This will be an ongoing project and we will put up a special page for it soon.

New Products

We have gotten lots of new products in over the last month. New pages will be put up for these items but for now, here they are....  Note that CED products include instant rebates applied to the S&H charges.  So you pay less!

From CED:

  • CED 8000 Shot Timer -- $149 ($2 shipping instant rebate)
  • CED Pocket Electronic Scale (CED Makes the Dillon D-Terminator so this is like the little brother) -- $119.00 ($1.50 shipping instant rebate)
  • CED Professional Range Bags -- All 4 colors including Red are being carried. $69.95 ($2 shipping instant rebate)
  • CED Millenium Chronograph -- $179.00 ($9.50 shipping instant rebate)


  • Comp M2 and Comp ML2 are in stock again.
  • Double Battery Module
  • KillFLASH ARD for M2 and ML2
  • ARMS quick release mount with and without spacer
  • M16/AR15 rail mount that goes out over the handguards and is used with a quick release mount
  • Aimpoint Quick Release mount
  • Extra batteries
  • ARMS #40 Rear Flip Up Sight

Starlight Cases Now In Stock

We have the best cases in the world now at and are offering them to our customers. Starlight cases are the best, bar none.  These are what the military use for the NV gear, and other sensitive equipment.  We are carryin various sizes in black and can have other colors or variants drop-shipped to you. Click HERE for Starlight Cases.

Micro RC IR Tanks that Actually Shoot at Each Other

I know it is not strictly gun related, but we got a bunch of these to sell at gun shows (along with our normal gun stuff) and would like to offer them to our online customers as well.  These are a blast.  Mini RC tanks that work on IR instead of radio waves. And they shoot IR shots at each other and when you get hit you spin.  Get hit 4 times and you deactivate.  There are 4 models and 4 channels so up to 4 can drive at a time! Click here to see them... They can be ordered along with our normal products.

Aimpoint M2 and ML2 Arrived -- Again in Stock!

We got two of our backorders for M2 and ML2 Aimpoint optical sighting systems in today. First Come First Served!

New Plastics Prices -- Ammo Boxes, new “.30 Cal Plastic Ammo Cans”, and new gun cleaning kits

We have reduced our plastic ammo box prices a lot, are getting some new sizes including 3” 12ga ShotShells,  and more 100rnd boxes.  We also have a new 30 cal ammo can for storage and some new cleaning kits and jag kits.

New Stuff In Stock

We have gotten a bunch of new items in stock (or arriving any day).

We have the previous model Frankford Arsenal Stainless Steel Electronic Calipers for $29.95. When these are gone, there will be no more.  We also have the current model Frankford Arsenal SS Electronic Calipers for $39.00. The differences are basically cosmetic.

We have the CED Professional Range Bag in black, hunter green, and royal blue.  Slightly larger than the Dillon bags, these have lots of pockets, 7 mag holders, and are really nice bags.  Discounted price of $67.95!  Black is in stock and royal blue and hunter green will soon be in stock. again. We’ll have some pictures up soon.

Aimpoint batteries for the M2, ML2, CompC, etc.  We have the Duracell ones for $6 and the Sanyo ones for $5.50.

Some new Gateway Safety and Peltor brand safety shooting glasses are here.  We have the Gateway Scorpion Safety Glasses in various colors for $8.00 and Peltof XF2 and XF4 in a few colors for $8.50.

New M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner Flyer

We have made a new flyer for M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner. It is available as both a medium resolution PDF for on-screen use and a high resolution PDF for printing on your own laseror ink jet printer.

AMEX Users Please Read the T&C Page

Here are the terms and conditions.

Now Aimpoint LE Dealer

We are now authorized AIMPOINT Law Enforcement dealers as well as retail dealers. This means we can sell to government entities. Please inquire if you need Aimpoint sights for your department or agency. (US Only)

CED Millenium Chronograph in Stock now

This is one cool chronograph.  Large LCD, PC software, keypad, many upgrades available, etc.  179.00. (But a $9.50 instant rebate on s&h costs will apply to lower your end cost)

New Data Loading Manuals in Stock

We now have the Sierra 5th Edition Rifle and Pistol loading manual for $29.95. This is an excellent loading manual -- especially of you use lots of Sierra bullets. It comes in looseleaf format.  We also have the 6th Edition Hornady in stock -- this is a new edition. The second volume is full of all sorts of ballistics info.  Lastly, we have the Lyman 4th Edition Shotshell loading manual.  This is 19.95.

New MPro-7 Pricing; Now Even Cheaper

We have increased our discount on MPro-7 products; they are now even cheaper. This is a normal permanent change.

New Vibratory Case Cleaner Available, and Plastic I-Beam Bullet Puller and Plastic Primer Flip Tray Again Available

We have a new non-Dillon vibratory case cleaner. This is a very nice unit and is only $48.50.  We also once again have the generic plastic primer flip trays ($4.29 and $5.69 for RCBS Square Model) and the (non Dillon) plastic I-Beam impact Bullet Pullers ($19) in stock and ready to ship!  Click here for more info.

Gift Certificates Available

We now offer gift certificates for your gift giving pleasure. Available in any amount over $10.  Call or place an order online and we will get you out your certificate by email as a PDF file, with your unique serial number, suitable to be printed on whatever sort of paper you’d like for that special person for whom you are not quite sure you know the details of what they want :-)

AR15-Compatible Tactical Upper Receiver and Stock Upgrade Kit to soon be available

We are going to start selling our own upgrade kit for you to upgrade your pre or postban AR15 style rifle into a handy packin’ rifle. Based on our own experience plus several classes we have been to, this is the ultimate in handy rifles.  Watch here for more details!

Inova X1 Small Handy Flashlight now in stock

We have the Inova X1 in black and titanium finish with white or green LED light.  Uses only 1 AA battery (included).  This is one handy and useful light for your pocket, purse, glove box, kitchen, etc.  $19.50

Our NH Fax is going Away

If you have our NH based fax number (603 584 0451), throw it away.  By the end of October it will become inoperative and may be given to someone else.  DO NOT USE IT. You can fax us currently at 888 534 9585.

We are now ATN Dealers for Optics and Night Vision

We just picked up the ATN line of optics and night vision. Please email us for quotes and questions.

Inova Microlight

Inova Microlights are $6.85 each (Retail $12.95)

Hornady 6th Edition 2 Volume Loading Manual Set In Stock

We have the new 2 Volume Hornday 6th Edition loading manuals in stock. $38.99.

New Lyman #48 Manual is Here -- Speer #13 In Stock Again

We now have the new Lyman 48 reloading manual in stock, as well as the Speer 13.

Erratic Office Phone Hours in the AM

Due to our new son (now 21 months old), I often get to the office late.  So if you all and no one answers, please leave a message or call again, or email.  We return all calls as soon as possible.  I tend to ge to the office between 9:30AM and noon Mountain Time. (Eastern Time is 2 hours later, Pacific Time is one hour behind)

Custom Computers

We are now building custom computers.  Highend game machines, family multi-media machines, CAD workstations, Linux or BSD workstations, standard office PCs. Anything, we can do it.  We have done this off and on since 1997 and are now advertising it :-) We specialize in super quiet, high performance game machines and workstations.  Super Quiet.  Tricked Out.  However you want it. Ask for a quote!

International Credit Card Handling Charge is 2%

Separate from any handling charge for packages being shipped outside the US, we will start charging a 2% handling charge on all orders that use a credit card not issued by a US bank.  This is because we get socked with additional charges by the credit card companies.  We are not profiting form this.  Up to now, we have eaten this exta charge, partly out of ignorance, but with our low margins, we cannot afford to eat this charge any longer.

New MPro7 CLP

The new Mpro7 CLP all-in-one cleaner and lubricant is just what you need for in-the-field firearm’s maintenance.  This is the best CLP out there.  Comes in Gallons only (or larger).  A Gallon retails for $109.99 and we sell it for $98.99! We try and keep a gallon or two in stock.

We’ve Moved

Our NH location is no more, sadly. Due to personal family reasons, we relocated our company office to the SLC Utah area. We are now in Utah, and have good stock of most stocked items.  If you are in the SLC Utah area, we can arrange pick up. Unfortunately, we now have to charge Utah customers sales tax. We should also be attending the regular Crossroads of the West gunshows in the SLC area.

New 100 Rnd Boxes in Several Calibers and New Clear Color Too!

We now have new Clear color boxes in a few calibers and 100 round boxes in a few calibers as well...

New Plastic Flip Trays

If you want a flip tray but the larger Dillon one is too expensive, we have some new plastic ones available. Not a Dillon Product.

New Handloading / Reloading Online Forums launched!

Hang out at our new online forums for reloading and handloading. The link is . After all the worldide DNS caches expire, will work, but for now our link uses the number address.

RL550B Shellplates, Powder Funnels, Locator Buttons now stocked:

We are now stocking many of the Powder Funnels and Locator buttons for the 550 and 650 and the 550 Shellplates individually.  These are 5% off list.  We can also build, complete with the plastic box, many RL550B conversion kits that we don’t normally stock.  These are at 1$ off the list instead of our normal price due to our individual component costs, but it means you don’t have to wait!  We still stock the popular pistol calibers and 223 and 308 and a few other rifle calibers.

Amazon.Com Affiliated Page

Check out our Amazon.Com affiliates page for your firearms and reloading book needs.  We also have some reloading data books that we stock ourself.

ClearShield Chemical Glove Now Available

We are now stocking the ClearShield 2 chemical barrier product.  This great product is a can of lotion that, when used on the skin, creates an invisible barrier that keeps chemicals and other bad stuff from penetrating the skin.  You don’t realize it is there, but it protects you from lead, powder residue, cleaners, and other chemicals that you are exposed to.  Click HERE for more info on ClearShield.

MPro7™ Products Now Available

We are now stocking dealers for the MPro7™ line of gun care products.  Simply the best.  Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive, you should try these.  I have been using MPro7 since 1996.  Click Here for our MPro7 page.

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