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Shown with optional strong mount system.  Dies not included.

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AT500 For Precision Loading

Lots of guys who want to hand drop their powder, but still want some progressive features, use an AT500, a full RL550B shell plate, so that 4 rounds at a time are being done, and the Upgrade #4, Auto Eject System.

AT500 Advanced Turret Reloading Press

The AT500 is a great starter press.  A stripped down RL550B, it can be slowly upgraded to a full RL550B as your needs expand. Able to load over 40 calibers out of the box (excepting dies, which need to be purchased separately), it includes such RL50B features as the interchangeable toolhead, standard 7/8” x 14 dies, and the dillon lifetime “No-BS” warranty.

Out of the box, the AT500 accomodates the following calibers (all you need is to get the dies for each caliber) using its universal shell plate: Pistol: .22 Rem Jet, .221 Rem Fireball, .380 Auto, .38 Super, .38 Special, .357 Magnum/Max, 9mm Luger (9x19mm or 9mm Parabellum), 9x21mm, 9x23 Win, 9x25 Dillon, 10mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP. Rifle: .222 Rem/.222 Rem Mag, .223 Rem/5.56mm, .22-250, .240 Weatherby Mag, .243 Win, .25-06, .250 Savage/.250-3000, .257 Ackley Improved, .257 Roberts, .270 Win, .284 Win, .30-06, .300 Savage, .308/7.62 NATO, .358 Win, .35 Whelen, 6mm Rem/.244, 6.5x55, 6.5-06, 7mm BR, 7mm Express/.280 Rem, 7mm-08 Rem, 7x57 Mauser, 7mm International, 7mm TCU, 7x64mm Brenneke, 7.7mm Arisaka, 7.5x55 Swiss, 7.65mm Belgian/Argentine, 8mm Mauser.

In addition, the AT500 can take standard RL550B conversion kits to load all unlisted calibers that are loadable on the RL550B.

AT500 Accessories and Upgrades

The AT500 accepts most RL550B Accessories as well as the following upgrades and parts:

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