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A scale is a very important part of reloading. You need to be sure of how much powder you are dropping in each case.  Dillon offers both a good beam scale and an electronic scale.

Dillon “Eliminator” Beam Scale

This precision equipment is a triple poise balance beam scale, magnetically dampened.  Novices will find it easy,and pros will appreciate the preciseness of it.   Click here for price .  In stock! Manufactured by the scale leader -- OHAUS

New Dillon D-Terminator Electronic Scale -- Now Available

Dillon has discontinued both their other electronic scales and has a new model.  The new model  looks like a cross between the two previous models (see below for previous models)

.From Dillon’s website:

  • 900 grain/57 gram capacity
  • Accurate to within 0.1 grain/ 0.01gram
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Comes with its own AC adapter
  • Scale check weight included
    Quick! Accurate! Rugged! Easy to Use!
    After a simple calibration procedure, the D-Terminator scale is ready to weigh. No fiddling with three  different poise weights; just pour the powder in and in a few seconds, the D-terminator gives you the weight of your charge in large (if you're over 40,  large is important), easy to read digits. Dillon is particularly proud of its display.  It is not only the largest available, but is angled forward so you can read it  without leaning over the scale. This is important because the scale is sensitive to even the slightest breathing or air movement nearby.
    Of course, you can also  check bullet weight or weigh other small items with amazing accuracy. The scale  weighs in grains or grams.

Our price is $139.95 . This is normally a stocked item.

The Optional Scale cover (shown at right) for the new style D-Terminator scale is $14.95 and is a stocked item.

Dillon Terminator 2 Electronic Scale -- Discontinued and not available

This is a nice, small, compact electronic scale made by OHAUS for Dillon.  Carries a 2 year OHAUS warranty directly, is Dillon Blue, works  with AC Adaptor (included) or 9v battery.  Comes with check weights. Up to 750grain capacity. Dillon has broiught this back but sells it through dealers only. This is a nice scale. 

Dillon Terminator Electronic Scale -- Discontinued -- Not Available

This is a deluxe electronic scale. After a simple calibratiom, it is ready to go. Accuate to 0.1 grain, and able to weigh up to 1200 grains, it is capable of meeting your demanding needs. Also works in metric grams.  Uses a 9 volt battery (included) or the included AC adaptor. Comes with check weight and weighing platform cover. NOT AVAILABLE $158.60 (retail $166.95).

All electrical/electronic components of Dillon products cary a 1-year factory warranty

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